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  • 100% automated with relevant products
  • All 9 Amazon countries are supported.
  • 12 slick transitions + 3 product animations
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What Makes Azon FlyBox 2.0 A Must Have Plugin?

With Azon FlyBox 2.0 You Will Help Your Visitors Find the Products in a Very Friendly Unobtrusive Way and You'll Increase Your Amazon Earnings at the Same Time!

  • 1

    100% Automated

    Relevant products are picked automatically so you don't have to manually go through every post. You can easily have Azon FlyBox on thousands of posts/pages with just a few clicks. (Manual product selection is also available in case you want to tweak results)

  • 2

    International Traffic Supported

    All 9 Amazon countries are supported and auto-recognized by visitor's IP so you can earn affiliate commission from international visitors.

  • 3

    Attention Grabbing Animations

    Version 2.0 now has 12 different animations for ad transition and 3 additional animation effects for product images. With these animations it's impossible to miss Azon FlyBox products and visitors can't resist to click your affiliate links. Watch your click through rates skyrocket with the help of Azon FlyBox 2.0!

  • 4

    Custom Colors

    Customize the colors of Azon FlyBox to match your theme. Use the color wheel to change color of links, price, description and background. Set them to any color you wish!

  • 5

    Mobile Responsiveness

    Another great feature in version 2.0 is mobile responsiveness. Your visitors will see Azon FlyBox ads even on their smart phones and tablets. With mobile traffic increasing every day it's a great way to monetize this type of traffic.

100% Automated

International Traffic Supported

Awesome Animations

Custom Colors

Mobile Responsive

Big Companies Are Doing It

I don't always read news but when I do - I borrow their marketing techniques :)
The idea is borrowed from and lots of news sources use similar ad boxes because obviously
It Works So Well For Them!

Who's Behind The Product?

I'm glad you asked!
From the developer who brought you WP Bounce, ContextAzon, AutoCompleteZon, CompareZon, AMZ QuoteCash, Re-EngeageZon - all highly successful Amazon WP plugins.
They are being used on 40,000+ sites and loved by over 4000 happy affiliates like you.

This is a version 2.0 of my best seller plugin Azon FlyBox I developed to include top requested features from real customers.

Real Customers Feedback

This display box automatically pulls products from Amazon, so once it's activated it's very much "set and forget". Better still, Igor has thoughtfully included settings so you can fine tune the products which are displayed.
My overall verdict: If you want to make serious money from Amazon, just buy it.

Chris Baxter
Amazon affiliate

Wow. I purchased this plugin to spice up my Amazon sites. Although I just purchased it minutes ago, I am loving it already. It's a very nice looking plugin that users will notice and probably click on.
... this is literally a must-have plugin for Amazon sites. I honestly see this upping my clicks per day and conversion rate by soo much.

Amazon affiliate

Your WP Plugins Rock! I'm pretty sure I have them all!
- and use them..on all my sites!
This is a great plugin!

Kobi Bender
Amazon Affiliate

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Take full thirty (30) days to review and use the plugin on your sites. If you don't love the plugin and don't think it adds value to your site - simply contact me and I'll refund you every penny.

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Seriously, it will probably just take 2-3 sales to cover the cost of this plugin!

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Q1) Does Azon FlyBox work with all Amazon locales? +

Yes, it supports all 9 Amazon countries:,,,,,,,,

Q2) What WordPress version is required? +

Azon FlyBox requires WordPress 3.3 or higher (current version is 4.2.1; if you keep your WordPress updated you're fine)

Q3) Will there be updates in future? +

Yes, I'm constantly adding new features and you get free updates for life!

Q4) Will This Affect My SEO? +

Not at all. Azon FlyBox ads are loaded via ajax and there's very little code in the actual page source.

Q5) What themes does it support? +

If a theme was built correctly the plugin will work like a charm.
With that being said Azon FlyBox supports 99.9% of WordPress themes.

Q7) I purchased plugin but didn't receive the download link. What should I do? +

The download link should be on your downloads page in jvzoo.
You should also receive a confirmation email from me. Check your spam folder. Give it a few minutes. If you still can't find it email me and I'll sort it out asap.

Q8) Is there a developer's license? +

After you purchase you'll be offered to upgrade to a Azon FlyBox Plus+ version which among other additional features has developer's license.

Q9) Is there an OTO? +

Yes, there are two optional OTOs (One Time Offers) although they are not something that you will need to make Azon FlyBox work.
OTO1 is an optional upgrade to Azon FlyBox Plus+ version which has a lot of awesome additional features. Available after the purchase of Multi-Site license.
OTO2 is a great deal on one of my other Amazon WordPress plugins.

Q10) How do I get support? +

If you need help with the plugin please either email me at support [at]
or Click Here and fill out a form to request support.
I will personally get back to you as soon as possible.

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